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A Step By Step Professional Bathroom Renovation Project

A house isn’t a home without a bathroom, an oasis of running water and soothing sights and sounds, far away from the pressures associated with the average house. Then there are the practical sides of bathrooms; waste management and hygiene are essential for human life itself. So with that in mind, it’s hardly surprising homeowners want their bathrooms to be the best and most comfortable they can be, oftentimes being willing to go to great lengths to create their dream bathrooms. In fact, on average, the only other room in the house that gets more time, effort and money is the kitchen. With that in mind, how does one go about improving their bathroom to pinnacle condition?

new shower screens should be included in your bathroom renovation

The first step is planning. Ask yourself what you want to do in the bathroom. While some functions such as bathing and flushing go without saying, homeowners should be asking themselves exactly what they want their bathroom routine to be. If the bathroom is going to be the center of your dental hygiene routine, you’ll need space to store toothbrushes and toothpaste. If you want to read in the bathroom, a magazine rack may be helpful. If you find soft pink or baby blue more soothing than pristine white, you’ll want to consider paint and tile that calm your nerves best. Giving careful thought beforehand can save you time and money.

The second step is to consider your budget.

Bathroom renovations can get costly, fast, so you should know exactly what you want (decided in the first step) and then get themselves a realistic idea of how much all those luxurious improvements will cost. Comparing prices on parts such as fixtures and tiles can save you money, but by and large, a homeowner looking to improve their bathroom will want to set aside a very specific budget, lest their spending get out of hand. Knowing what you need is half the battle here. Tiles must be slip resistant for safety, cabinets must be durable since they’ll be opened every day and counter tops should be low maintenance as they will get dirty, and often. Plumbing fixtures are another kettle of fish; don’t skimp on quality when it comes to plumbing fixtures as they will take the most abuse of your daily routine. Appearance and functions are a matter of personal choice, but going for the cheapest ones of the market will not end well. Choose your materials carefully as well; research into how specific materials act will let you decide if you want them in your bathroom.

The next step is to decide who will actually do the work. Some projects are simple enough that any homeowner can do it themselves. This comes with the warning that one should be very aware of one’s actual skills; installing a new towel bar is a radically different task from adding a brand new toilet hooked up to the house’s plumbing. If you think you can handle the task yourself, it will still pay to research beforehand and consult expert sources, be they professionals or manuals. Then be prepared to a lot of hard work. If you don’t think you can handle the task, hiring a professional is the next task on your list. Recommendations from friends and neighbors can be invaluable, but it can also pay to get referrals from trade groups such as the National Kitchen and Bath Association and business organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. A little bit of research into a contractor or designer beforehand can also save you a lot of aggravation; make sure the professional is up to date on their licensing and don’t be afraid to get estimates from multiple contractors.

What follows will be a good bit of stress on the part of everybody involved, but the end result will astonish you. In fact, one trip to your newly renovated bathroom will wash all the stress away.

Building And Pest Inspections: A Necessary Cost For Buying A Home

You’ve found the home of your dreams and now the nightmares began…
Everyone it seems is out for your money. Let’s look at the main players with their hands out for your cash.

  1. The government wants their stamp duty (ouch)
  2. Your local conveyancing solicitor wants his fee
  3. If you hired a buyer’s agent it’s time to pay them now
  4. You’ll need to hire a removalist of course and
  5.  You need to get a building and pest inspection service out to make sure the house is structurally sound (i.e. it’s not about to fall down around you) and that it is free from pest infestation. The main worry for any house buying is the dreaded termite. Termites can do a massive amount of damage to a home without anyone noticing. Then, when you do detect their presence, you can find that the only thing they haven’t eaten is the paint.

Of all the costs that a home buyer has the one that no-one should wimp out on is the building and pest. Think of it as an insurance policy for your home.

Tile Roof Repairs

While the majority of homeowners out there opt for shingle roofing, there are certainly other choices. Tile roofing of different kinds is popular and also well, more expensive. Shingles are the common standard, but tile roofing is something that can last a lifetime. Why is fixing roof tiles necessary? Of course, there is maintenance required, and tiles can need to be replaced over time as well. When your home is in need of tile roof repairs, which roofing contractor or company in your area would get the job?

If you have a tile roof, you need to know the answer to that question. Tile roofs are a major investment, and you want to keep yours well maintained. Unless you’re up there snooping around, it can be difficult to tell if any of the roofing tiles are in trouble. Some of them might be cracked, and you could have missing tiles, too. If you see one jar, then you know work needs to be done, but again, it’s hard to see from where you’re standing unless you’re willing to hop on up there.why fixing roof tiles is necessary

Did you opt for a slate tile roof? Slate is one of the best roofing choices the market has available. In fact, there are only certain roofing companies that can even handle such a request. That’s why it’s important that you know who can do the work on your roof when it’s in need of repairs. A slate roof wouldn’t be needing repairs all too often of course, but you’re going to want to have someone up there performing necessary maintenance each year.

The inspections and maintenance required are just part of what you have to think about when you have a nice tile roof. You also have to be on the lookout yourself for any issues. In regards to tile roof repairs, they also need to be made immediately. You don’t want to wait around when it comes to dealing with roofing repairs and tile because that just makes things that much more expensive for you.

It could be that you’re not even sure if you have a problem. That’s also what annual maintenance is all about so that there isn’t too long in between inspections. Of course, if a storm occurs, or something else happens, and you think there might be a repair situation, you can always call a roofing expert to get up there and inspect the tiles for any problems.

Security and Privacy Shutters

Home ownership means a lot of things. Buying, selling, maintenance, HOA fees, and mortgage payments are all part of the normal process, but the day does come you get to settle in. However, do you enjoy your space in peace? It might take an additional home improvement project to feel comfortable in your home, and installing security and privacy shutters might just be that one upgrade that takes your home from a good place to be to really be able to shut out the world. Keep reading to learn five advantages of adding these to your home’s exterior.

1) You can keep the prying eyes of the world out of particular rooms. You might have children having a sleepover in the living room or just a stack of tempting presents under the Christmas tree. It might even just be that you and your romantic partner want some true privacy in your bedroom. Whatever the case might be, security and privacy shutters can keep anyone outside the home from seeing into any room you want to block off for a short period.

Affordable Blinds And Shutters

2) Someone working graveyard shift might need the dark. In an economy where jobs are not as plentiful as they should be, some folks have to resort to working overnight to make ends meet or help with the bills. Daytime sleeping is a lot easier to do in the right circumstances. Closing curtains or blinds is one step, but shutters take it further. They blank out more of the light, as even ambient sunlight through drapes can keep a person up. On top of that, they keep the room cooler and block out more noise than just fabric.

3) You make the home harder to access during a vacation or trip out of town. Even with a good home security system, if someone knows you are out of town, they could smash through a window, grab something in your home, and get out of there long before even a monitored service could have law enforcement on the way. Shuttering your ground floor windows makes this a lot harder to do, to the point that getting in physically would make too much noise and attract the attention of neighbors.

4) You make the home harder to get hurt in a storm. If you live in an area that is prone to or at least at risk of extreme weather like tornadoes, typhoons, or hurricanes, then security and privacy shutters installed mean that you can make it much harder for mother nature to blow something so hard into one of your windows that they get smashed open. While nature is indomitable when it chooses to be, you can certainly minimize your risks.

5) You might get a discount on your homeowner’s or mortgage insurance. Safety and security features often bring down your premium a little, but it does depend on your specific policy and carrier.

Now that you have read this article, you know five reasons why installing security and privacy shutters on your home is a great idea.

Update Your Old Shower Screens

There’s nothing like a good home renovation. It can make you fall in love with your house again. However, although most people agree they would like to renovate their homes, they shy away from doing it, the main reason being their lack of funds. If you are like these people, you should find out that renovations don’t need to imply spending a huge amount of money and turning your whole house upside down. With a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can revamp your property even on a very tight budget.

For instance, replacing your old bathroom fixtures may cost quite a lot. This shouldn’t stop you from renovating your bathroom. However, while you save the money needed to buy new faucets, you could take a look and see what else you could replace with very little money.  Check out this article about why everyone is moving away from the old style curtains and embracing glass shower screens for a modern look.

Updating your old shower screens is the first idea that comes to mind. Such screens are inexpensive and widely available, so you aren’t going to encounter too many difficulties. You should be able to find lots of models, colors, and materials to choose from. This would enable you to pick the best shower screen to match the bathroom tiles or the carpets.

The main reason why updating your old shower screens is a good idea is that they are a source of germs and mold. It is very hard to dry these screens after taking a shower. If your bathroom isn’t properly ventilated, your shower screen may develop mold growths in as little as a few days. Once mold and mildew are there, they are going to be very hard to remove. This is why replacing your shower screen from time to time is good for your overall health and well-being. Mold spores are extremely dangerous. They can easily become airborne, so you or the other members of your family may inhale them. Once they get to the lungs, these tiny spores can cause severe problems. This is why you should never tolerate their presence in your house.

Apart from the health benefits, updating the old shower screen or curtain is going to change the look and feel of your entire bathroom. Everything will be brighter and shinier, provided that you pick some contrasting colors. The main idea is to attract the looks by creating a focal point on a new decor element. This fairly inexpensive screen can be this central element that should create the sensation of a freshly renovated house.

This is only one idea. If you start thinking out of the box, you can surely come up with more solutions for improving the appeal of your interiors without spending a huge amount of money and without having to go through all the hassle of a total makeover. By choosing simple, yet effective ways to renovate your interiors, you can get a “new” home on a very tight budget. Besides, it only takes 30 minutes to replace a shower screen, so you won’t need to spend your weekend renovating your bathroom.

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpeting where you currently live you know just how quickly it can become soiled and look much worse than it is. Getting a quick cleaning done upon moving out can make it look nearly new again. If you are about to move there are some reasons to have this Brisbane carpet cleaning company service done once you have everything out of the unit.

Brisbane carpet cleaning companyThe biggest reason to have your carpets professionally cleaned at the end of your lease is to ensure that you are not charged for any supposed damages. While the landlord could clean the carpets and get the same results, they could also take pictures of the cleaning and claim that the carpet appears that way after they had them clean. Unfortunately, there are unethical landlords, and it is best to protect yourself. You are not required by law to have the cleaning done in most states, but it is a great way to protect yourself.

After you have the carpets cleaned, you will want to take clear pictures of every room so that you have proof of what the carpeting looks like. That way, in the rare chance, that the landlord takes you to court you have proof that there was not any damage that is beyond reasonable wear and tear. Without this proof, you could end up being charged thousands of dollars so that they can get brand new carpeting in their unit for free. The fact is that without hard evidence you are vulnerable to this kind of action.

Having the carpeting cleaned can be extremely affordable, especially when compared to the cost of replacing the carpeting in one or more rooms. In most regions, you can get a modest apartment cleaned for the cost of a nice night out. If you are looking to go the most affordable route, you could rent a unit and do the cleaning yourself. Just be sure that you give yourself enough time before anyone needs to enter the unit for the carpeting to dry to ensure that there is no damage from people walking on the wet carpeting.

Finally, whatever route you choose you to want to be sure that you document all of the steps that you have taken. Save your receipts from the carpet cleaning service or rental. Also be sure to get the best pictures that you can that show the actual state of the carpeting. It may seem time-consuming, but doing so will protect you from an unfounded lawsuit. It can also work to ensure that you receive your deposit back in full, which is, of course, the ideal in any move out the situation.

Now that you have read the information above you know just how beneficial it can be to spend the money to have your carpeting cleaned upon you moving it. It isn’t a necessity, but doing so has more benefits by far than what it will cost you to have it done.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Carpet cleaning is one of the most difficult chores in a household. The problem isn’t that you can’t clean your carpets properly. The real challenge is drying them fast enough so that mould and mildew don’t have a chance to develop. As this isn’t easy, most people prefer to make use of professional carpet cleaning company to help them clean and sanitise their carpets.

As not all professional cleaners use the same techniques, the question is what to choose, in order to make sure your carpets come out perfectly clean, without negative consequences for the environment.

Steam cleaning is one of the most popular techniques among professional cleaners. It uses the power of hot steam to dismantle dirt and grime from the carpet fibers, leaving the fabric perfectly cleaned and disinfected. Hot steam canprofessional carpet cleaning company destroy most known germs and bacteria, as well as various allergens, thus being the method of choice for all people who have allergy sufferers in the house. Unfortunately, some steam cleaners still use detergents in the cleaning process, thus being less environmentally friendly. Besides, detergent residues can be harmful to pets and small children, so this method isn’t very well regarded by the consumers. The hot water extraction method derives from the steam cleaning technique. It consists of spraying hot water with or without cleaning agents over the carpet, followed by vacuuming. The two operations take place almost simultaneously, so the carpet doesn’t have time to absorb too much water.

Dry cleaning is another popular professional carpet cleaning technique. It is very effective, so clients are usually happy with the services of these cleaners. Besides, since it doesn’t use water, it is safe from the mould and mildew point of view. The chemicals used by these companies are usually safe, so you don’t have to be afraid they are going to make your pets or children ill.

All these techniques can provide excellent results, as they are all effective in removing even the most stubborn stains from the carpets. Consumers can be sure that they are going to enjoy spotless carpets, regardless the technique used by their chosen provider. Nonetheless, it’s very important that the cleaning company employs well-trained and experienced staff, as this is the main element that can make it or break it for a professional cleaner. If a company strives to offer the highest quality work, the chosen method matters less, as they are all effective and safe. On the contrary, if a company does a lousy job, it can use the most advanced equipment and techniques and still fail at delivering a good job. This is why everybody should do a thorough research before hiring a carpet cleaning services provider. The better they inform themselves about such providers, the greater their chances to benefit from spotless clean carpets, without any risk of mould, mildew or toxic detergent traces that might harm the people in the house. Quality should come first, as it matters more than the cleaning technique.

Types of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are downright elegant in their subtlety. There are also many types of them, meaning they can work for just about any interior design your abode may have. It’s easy to work your budget around roller blinds as well. If you’ve been thinking about getting roller blinds for your house, here’s a basic breakdown of several of the different types to help get you started:

roller blinds

1 – Blackout

If you need roller blinds for the bedroom or something like an entertainment room with a projector or large television, this is the way to go. The fabric on blackout roller blinds will block out as much light as possible, providing you with privacy and freedom from all of the detrimental effects of the sun. Those with collections of special items will also appreciate these since they can block out potential sun damage. You’ll also enjoy these a lot in the summertime since they’ll reduce how much heat is escaping into the room.

2 – Sheer

Sheer fabric roller blinds are often made in a screen style that reduces heat while also providing easily controlled light reduction. You can still enjoy your outside view as well, making this a perfect choice for rooms that might face your backyard. When people generally think of roller blinds, this is typically what they’re imagining.

3 – Transparent

If you want to reduce heat and obscure your room while still letting some light in, transparent roller blinds are the way to go. These would work wonderfully in a room where you’re keeping plants. They also help in home studios since they’ll let enough light in for you to work by during the day.

4 – Translucent

These are quite similar to transparent blinds, though they obscure the outside view a bit more. If you have more furniture in the room, you may opt for this choice to prevent the sun from eventually fading or bleaching it.

5 – Double Blind

The double-blind, as the name suggests, allows two blinds to be installed in a window. You can have different types of features on each of them, providing a great degree of blockage of the sun and heat reduction. These are more expensive of course, but the extra functionality is immensely convenient.

6 – Motorized

For the greatest ease of use and even options such as remote control and wall mounted switching, you might want to consider installing motorized roller blinds. These are always sure to impress guests, and are a real lifesaver in the mornings when you just can’t be bothered to go all the way across the room to monkey around with the blinds!

7 – Spring Assisted

When the wiring in your home won’t accommodate a motorized style of the roller blind, you can utilize a spring assisted assembly that helps pick up some of the slack.

8 – Roller Blinds for the Outdoors

Outdoor entertaining areas are a wonderful addition to your home. However, wind, rain, sun and insects can make the bar-b-que or outdoor gathering not so much fun. The solution is ziplock outdoor blinds installation.

With that, you should have a decent grasp of what to expect out of the world of roller blinds. Between all of these options, there’s sure to be something that fits your personal needs. From your budget to the style of your house, there’s truly a little something for everyone.