Roller blinds are downright elegant in their subtlety. There are also many types of them, meaning they can work for just about any interior design your abode may have. It’s easy to work your budget around roller blinds as well. If you’ve been thinking about getting roller blinds for your house, here’s a basic breakdown of several of the different types to help get you started:

roller blinds

1 – Blackout

If you need roller blinds for the bedroom or something like an entertainment room with a projector or large television, this is the way to go. The fabric on blackout roller blinds will block out as much light as possible, providing you with privacy and freedom from all of the detrimental effects of the sun. Those with collections of special items will also appreciate these since they can block out potential sun damage. You’ll also enjoy these a lot in the summertime since they’ll reduce how much heat is escaping into the room.

2 – Sheer

Sheer fabric roller blinds are often made in a screen style that reduces heat while also providing easily controlled light reduction. You can still enjoy your outside view as well, making this a perfect choice for rooms that might face your backyard. When people generally think of roller blinds, this is typically what they’re imagining.

3 – Transparent

If you want to reduce heat and obscure your room while still letting some light in, transparent roller blinds are the way to go. These would work wonderfully in a room where you’re keeping plants. They also help in home studios since they’ll let enough light in for you to work by during the day.

4 – Translucent

These are quite similar to transparent blinds, though they obscure the outside view a bit more. If you have more furniture in the room, you may opt for this choice to prevent the sun from eventually fading or bleaching it.

5 – Double Blind

The double-blind, as the name suggests, allows two blinds to be installed in a window. You can have different types of features on each of them, providing a great degree of blockage of the sun and heat reduction. These are more expensive of course, but the extra functionality is immensely convenient.

6 – Motorized

For the greatest ease of use and even options such as remote control and wall mounted switching, you might want to consider installing motorized roller blinds. These are always sure to impress guests, and are a real lifesaver in the mornings when you just can’t be bothered to go all the way across the room to monkey around with the blinds!

7 – Spring Assisted

When the wiring in your home won’t accommodate a motorized style of the roller blind, you can utilize a spring assisted assembly that helps pick up some of the slack.

8 – Roller Blinds for the Outdoors

Outdoor entertaining areas are a wonderful addition to your home. However, wind, rain, sun and insects can make the bar-b-que or outdoor gathering not so much fun. The solution is ziplock outdoor blinds installation.

With that, you should have a decent grasp of what to expect out of the world of roller blinds. Between all of these options, there’s sure to be something that fits your personal needs. From your budget to the style of your house, there’s truly a little something for everyone.