The modern home consumes a lot of energy in the form of electricity and other fuels for heating. An energy efficient home can help to reduce the costs of energy bills, and the installation of solar panels to reduce dependence on utility companies can help to reduce them even further. You may refer this website; for more updates.

Conducting an energy audit can always lead you to an energy efficient home that can often lead to offsetting the costs of any solar panel installations that you plan. The age of a home has little to do with the energy efficiency of a home. In fact, older homes built up of stone and brick have better insulation properties. The energy used in a home is used to a small extent by lighting, which quite often may not exceed 10 or 15 percent. The rest of the energy is used by fans, HVAC devices, heaters, ovens and the many other appliances that are a part of modern day living. Using LED lighting can reduce the energy utilization in lighting and increase the energy efficiency of a home. You can also save energy by changing all appliances to those that are energy efficient.

Most energy audits will show leakages in the envelope of a home which will include roofs, walls and doors, and windows. The energy efficiency of walls and roofs can be improved by better insulation and attention to the materials that make up these elements. The largest culprits in permitting leakage of air from homes are doors and windows. Doors often do not close properly or are left open. This problem can be solved by improving the seals around door and by installing automatic door closing equipment. Window seals can also be improved. A lot of loss of energy can take place from the glass on windows and this can be addressed by installing double glazing or sun control films. The energy efficiency of homes is also improved by greenery and vegetation around the property, which can offer shade to the home and prevent the sun from heating it up.

Once such audits are conducted and the necessary corrections are undertaken, it makes sense to look at the installation of solar panels to produce electricity that can be connected to the grid and allow the necessary flexibility. An average solar panel can easily generate 200 watts of power and be depending on the size of your roof you can install the panel as necessary to take care of all your energy needs. Linking the grid to your solar panels allows you the choice of opting for grid power when you have a larger requirement of power than your panels can produce. It can also allow you to sell your power to the utility company when you are not using it.

A combination of an energy-efficient home and solar panels can also make you a citizen who is very much aware of the environment and doing his bit to reduce the carbon footprint that his home is imposing on the world. The long-run cost savings with these two measures in place also makes them a sound economic decision.