Carpet cleaning is one of the most difficult chores in a household. The problem isn’t that you can’t clean your carpets properly. The real challenge is drying them fast enough so that mould and mildew don’t have a chance to develop. As this isn’t easy, most people prefer to make use of professional carpet cleaning company┬áto help them clean and sanitise their carpets.

As not all professional cleaners use the same techniques, the question is what to choose, in order to make sure your carpets come out perfectly clean, without negative consequences for the environment.

Steam cleaning is one of the most popular techniques among professional cleaners. It uses the power of hot steam to dismantle dirt and grime from the carpet fibers, leaving the fabric perfectly cleaned and disinfected. Hot steam canprofessional carpet cleaning company destroy most known germs and bacteria, as well as various allergens, thus being the method of choice for all people who have allergy sufferers in the house. Unfortunately, some steam cleaners still use detergents in the cleaning process, thus being less environmentally friendly. Besides, detergent residues can be harmful to pets and small children, so this method isn’t very well regarded by the consumers. The hot water extraction method derives from the steam cleaning technique. It consists of spraying hot water with or without cleaning agents over the carpet, followed by vacuuming. The two operations take place almost simultaneously, so the carpet doesn’t have time to absorb too much water.

Dry cleaning is another popular professional carpet cleaning technique. It is very effective, so clients are usually happy with the services of these cleaners. Besides, since it doesn’t use water, it is safe from the mould and mildew point of view. The chemicals used by these companies are usually safe, so you don’t have to be afraid they are going to make your pets or children ill.

All these techniques can provide excellent results, as they are all effective in removing even the most stubborn stains from the carpets. Consumers can be sure that they are going to enjoy spotless carpets, regardless the technique used by their chosen provider. Nonetheless, it’s very important that the cleaning company employs well-trained and experienced staff, as this is the main element that can make it or break it for a professional cleaner. If a company strives to offer the highest quality work, the chosen method matters less, as they are all effective and safe. On the contrary, if a company does a lousy job, it can use the most advanced equipment and techniques and still fail at delivering a good job. This is why everybody should do a thorough research before hiring a carpet cleaning services provider. The better they inform themselves about such providers, the greater their chances to benefit from spotless clean carpets, without any risk of mould, mildew or toxic detergent traces that might harm the people in the house. Quality should come first, as it matters more than the cleaning technique.