You’ve found the home of your dreams and now the nightmares began…
Everyone it seems is out for your money. Let’s look at the main players with their hands out for your cash.

  1. The government wants their stamp duty (ouch)
  2. Your local conveyancing solicitor wants his fee
  3. If you hired a buyer’s agent it’s time to pay them now
  4. You’ll need to hire a removalist of course and
  5. ¬†You need to get a building and pest inspection service out to make sure the house is structurally sound (i.e. it’s not about to fall down around you) and that it is free from pest infestation. The main worry for any house buying is the dreaded termite. Termites can do a massive amount of damage to a home without anyone noticing. Then, when you do detect their presence, you can find that the only thing they haven’t eaten is the paint.

Of all the costs that a home buyer has the one that no-one should wimp out on is the building and pest. Think of it as an insurance policy for your home.